MBCL Introduction and Teacher Training

Your journey with MBCL

Prerequisite for your journey with MBCL is a grounded familiarity with basic mindfulness practice – preferably through participation in an 8-week MBSR, MBCT or breathworks course – or a regular mindfulness practice of at least 1 year (± 1.5 hours of formal practice per week).

If you then wish to deepen the healing effects of mindfulness with compassion exercises, you are very welcome to participate in an MBCL Introduction as a first step on your journey with MBCL.

Introductory offerings provide a thorough introduction to the practice of (self-)compassion and focus on letting you experience the exercises and method directly. They also provide a basic understanding of the content, the main themes and relevant scientific background of the MBCL programme. Audio recordings of the exercises enable you tofurther cultivate and deepen compassion practice for personal (and professional) benefit after the course has ended.

Building on ones own experience with MBCL, those who are certified MBSR/MBCT (or equivalent MBP) teachers or professional caregivers, educators or coaches with sufficient training and experience in mindfulness-based work (e.g. ACT or DBT) may continue and follow an MBCL Teacher Training as a second step of their journey with MBCL.

To become a certified MBCL teacher one has to be a certified mindfulness (MBSR, MBCT or equivalent MBP) teacher. However, many health care professionals, therapists, coaches or other professionals who are not certified mindfulness teachers can benefit from the Teacher Training to deepen mindfulness-based and compassion-focused interventions and enhance their therapeutic skills in individual or group work.

Step 1: Introduction MBCL

You may choose from the following introductory offerings (either in-person or online) led by a certified MBCL teacher or MBCL tutor:

  • MBCL 8 Week Course
  • MBCL Foundation Course (3 days, 20 teaching hours)
  • MBCL Retreat (6-7 days)


A sound personal mindfulness practice is central to participation in an introductory MBCL offering. We also recommend that you read one of the >> books on MBCL.

Please note, that introductory MBCL offerings are not suitable for participants without experience in mindfulness meditation. They are also not recommended for people with acute medical or mental health problems.

MBCL 8 Week Courses are offered by the community of MBCL teachers. >> Click here to find a teacher in your country.

MBCL Foundation Courses and MBCL Retreats are offered by the team of MBCL tutors. >> Click here for more information about their upcoming events.

Step 2: Teacher Training MBCL

MBCL Teacher Trainings are offered internationally as postgraduate education for professionals already familiar with mindfulness practice.

Depending on the country there are different formats – either on location or online:

  • On Location Teacher Training (6 days on location)
  • On Location Teacher Training – Module 1 (3 days) and Module 2 (3-4 days)
  • Online Teacher Training MBCL – 6 x 1 day (or 4 x 2 days if translation is needed)


All applicants are required to have participated in only one of the experiential offerings listed above.

MBCL Certification policy

To call yourself a “Certified MBCL Teacher” you have to be a certified mindfulness (MBSR or MBCT) teacher, have completed the full MBCL Teacher Training and successfully taught an MBCL group course (with a minimum of 4 participants) under supervision of a registered MBCL supervisor. A mininimum of three one-hour-supervision-sessions (face-to-face or online video meeting) is required. The certification course can be taught on location or online.

MBCL Teacher Trainings are offered by the team of MBCL tutors. >> Click here fore more information about their upcoming events.


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International Online MBCL Teacher Training 2023

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